stretches, stretching, stretched
1) VERB: no cont Something that stretches over an area or distance covers or exists in the whole of that area or distance.

[V prep/adv] The procession stretched for several miles...

[V prep/adv] He had burns that stretched from his neck to his hips.

[V n] artificial reef stretching the length of the coast.

2) N-COUNT: usu N of n A stretch of road, water, or land is a length or area of it.

It's a very dangerous stretch of road...

This stretch of Lost River was broader and deeper.

...a long stretch of beach with fine white sand.

3) VERB When you stretch, you put your arms or legs out straight and tighten your muscles.

He yawned and stretched...

[V n] Try stretching your legs and pulling your toes upwards...

[V n] She arched her back and stretched herself.

Derived words:
stretching N-UNCOUNT

Make sure no awkward stretching is required.

Stretch is also a noun.

At the end of a workout spend time cooling down with some slow stretches.

4) N-COUNT: oft N of n A stretch of time is a period of time.

He was fluent in French, having spent stretches of time in Southern France.

...after an 18-month stretch in the army...

He would study for eight to ten hours at a stretch.

5) V-ERG If an event or activity stretches or is stretched into a further period of time, it continues into that period, which is later than expected.

[V into/to n] anti-abortion protests stretched into their second week...

[be V-ed into/to n] The talks could be stretched into the summer of 1993.

6) VERB If something stretches from one time to another, it begins at the first time and ends at the second, which is longer than expected.

[V from n to/into n] ...a working day that stretches from seven in the morning to eight at night.

7) VERB If a group of things stretch from one type of thing to another, the group includes a wide range of things.

[V from n to n] ...a trading empire, with interests that stretched from chemicals to sugar.

8) V-ERG When something soft or elastic stretches or is stretched, it becomes longer or bigger as well as thinner, usually because it is pulled.

The cables are designed not to stretch...

[V n] Ease the pastry into the corners of the tin, making sure you don't stretch it.

9) ADJ: ADJ n Stretch fabric is soft and elastic and stretches easily.

...stretch fabrics such as Lycra.

...stretch cotton swimsuits.

10) V-ERG If you stretch an amount of something or if it stretches, you make it last longer than it usually would by being careful and not wasting any of it.

[V n] They're used to stretching their budgets...

During his senior year his earnings stretched far enough to buy an old car.

11) VERB: no cont If your resources can stretch to something, you can just afford to do it.

[V to n] She suggested to me that I might like to start regular savings and I said Well, I don't know whether I can stretch to that.

12) VERB If something stretches your money or resources, it uses them up so you have hardly enough for your needs.

[V n] The drought there is stretching American resources...

[be V-ed prep/adv] Public expenditure was being stretched to the limit by having to support 3 million unemployed people.

Derived words:
stretched ADJ-GRADED

The deal will also help the company's stretched finances.

13) VERB (approval) If you say that a job or task stretches you, you mean that you like it because it makes you work hard and use all your energy and skills so that you do not become bored or achieve less than you should.

[V pron-refl] I'm trying to move on and stretch myself with something different...

[V n] They criticised the quality of teaching, claiming pupils were not stretched enough.

14) home stretchsee home straight
15) PHRASE: usu v PHR, v-link PHR If you are at full stretch, your arm is straight and extended as far as possible, usually because you are trying to reach something that is almost too far away.

He offered his lighter at full stretch.

16) PHRASE: PHR after v If you are at full stretch, you are using the maximum amount of effort or energy.

Everyone would be working at full stretch.

17) PHRASE (emphasis) If you say that something is not true or possible by any stretch of the imagination, you are emphasizing that it is completely untrue or absolutely impossible.

Her husband was not a womaniser by any stretch of the imagination...

By no stretch of the imagination could his speech be described as impersonal.

18) PHRASE: V inflects If you stretch your legs, you go for a short walk, usually after you have been sitting down for a long time.

I stopped at the square and got out to stretch my legs.

19) PHRASE: V inflects, oft it PHR to-inf If you stretch a point, you describe something in a way which is not accurate, although it may be partly true.

It is stretching a point to call this censorship.

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